Environmental Management

Controlling and managing the environmental impacts of procuring materials and manufacturing products is an essential requirement for sustainable development. Our indicator shows the percentage of the total concrete production and constituent materials sites that are independently certified to ISO 14001 the internation standard for Environmental Management Systems (EMS) .

Performance indicator: Percentage of production sites covered by a certified ISO 14001 EMS

2020 data shows that the proportion of certified sites has continued its steady increase reaching over 97%. This is against a target of 95%.

Environmental Management Systems, particularly when meeting the requirements of ISO 14001, are a best practice approach to identifying impacts, assessing their importance and providing a structured approach to controlling, reporting and managing performance improvement.

2020 Strategy Commitment 

This indicator is part of the Materials section of the report and part of the 2020 commitment to: Target continuous improvement of sustainable production performance and report annually.

To target continuous improvement requires effective management systems, a consistent methodology for measurement and open and transparent reporting of progress. 

The concrete industry reports on Environmental management through ISO 14001, Quality Management through ISO 9001 and demonstration of responsible sourcing through BRE BES 6001 which provide an effective framework for managing production and materials procurement sustainably. These independent third party certifications provide confidence that these systems are put into practice effectively with regular review and that performance data generated is credible and reliable.

The concrete industry sustainable construction strategy and the supporting performance indicators provide a framework for a common, transparent approach for the industry to target appropriate improvements and report progress openly, with regular input from a wide range of stakeholders. The industry publishes details of the industry’s progress towards its performance improvement targets in its annual reports.


The Fourteenth Concrete Industry Sustainability Performance Report