Our 2020 Strategy Commitments

  • Develop a Material and Resource Efficiency Programme to inform best practice across the life cycle of concrete in the built environment

The Resource Efficiency Action Plan (REAP) initiative is a collaboration of the clay, precast concrete and ready-mixed concrete sectors. The framework used to establish the actions is based on the lifecycle of a construction product in line with EN 15804: Manufacture; Logistics & Packaging, Design for Use and Reuse, Construction, and Demolition.

The REAPs were developed through a process of stakeholder engagement with the aim of assisting the supply chain in identifying and creating an actionable strategy for improving resource efficiency. The action plans identify key challenges and actions that each sector and its supply chain need to address in order to make improvements in resource efficiency.
The initiative has encouraged further collaboration in the supply chain, for example the sectors have worked with the National Federation of Demolition Contractors (NFDC) to update Demolition and Refurbishment Information Data Sheets (DRIDS) which help identify recyclable materials in demolition sites and put contractors in touch with outlets for the materials. DRIDS for our products are available from  the NFDC at www.nfdc-drids.com, listed within the INERT
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The first progress report of the REAP initiative will be launched at Ecobuild 2017 download here
For an overview of Resource Efficiency Action Plans download here
To download the full REAP for Precast Concrete download here
To download the full REAP for Ready-Mixed Concrete download here


The Twelfth Concrete Industry Sustainability Performance Report

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