European Standardisation

Currently in Europe a series of standards is being developed by CEN/TC350 to support the sustainability assessment of construction products and the built environment.


The purpose of the work of CEN/TC/350 is to provide a framework with principles, requirements and guidelines for the development of standards to support the sustainability assessment of 'construction works'. A suite of standards will be produced within this framework to provide a system for the assessment of the aspects of sustainability of buildings (on the building level) based on a life cycle approach and containing quantitative assessment categories for the integrated performance of buildings, which will enable comparability of the results of assessments. Currently the proposed suite of standards covers environmental performance, health and comfort performance and the life cycle cost performance of buildings.
These standards are being developed in response to the EC mandate M/350 taking into account the key aspects of the associated ISO standards. The use of the ISO standards provides a means to avoid potential barriers to trade.
The results of these assessments will help users to understand the impact that a building, including its foundations and external works within the area of building site, has on the environment and on the user. Their aim is to allow the client, user, designer and others involved in its construction and operation, to make rational decisions and choices regarding the building.
Assessment results will contribute to strategies for the mitigation of environmental impacts, such as climate change and the unsustainable use of natural resources. Assessments are also intended to lead to the optimization of the building's life cycle costs, to reduce its impacts on the health of the user and to increase user comfort.